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All Gehwol products are extremely effective and well tolerated. The Gehwol range is exactly matched to the different needs of feet craving attention. So if you’re Jogging, Biking, or taking part in any sort of active lifestyle ~ your feet will thank you for Gehwol. We bring you the relief you’ve come to rely and count on!

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The care range with the natural curative power of camomile

The Camillen 60 offers the very finest in the treatment and care of various foot care needs. Manufactured in Germany for over 50 years, the Camillen 60 Foot Care is considered a leading brand on the market today. High quality natural ingredients along with the latest in scientific innovations help to provide immediate results to even the most stubborn foot care problems.

Suisse Absolute

The unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps and the purity of the fascinating mountain flora act as the sponsors for the new, luxurious, auspicious care series suisse absolue. This combines the power of Alpine herbs, which have proven to be true survival artists at extreme altitudes, with modern textures offering an outstanding effect and incomparable skin sensations.


Bringing out the best in natural beauty has been our aim for many years now. No cosmetics can restore lost youth but, if they are used correctly and professionally, they can help any woman to look considerably better. This was the conviction of Rosa Graf, who in the 1920’s was already running one of Germany’s first institutes of cosmetics, and on whose convictions our company still continues to build. And it is this principle that has always guided our work to this very day. ¬†We devote particularly well qualified to achieve the best results with cosmetics. Therefore we are constantly offering her new methods of treatment and ever more effective products for her to pass on to her customers.