About Us


Cristina Esthetics is a professional salon that is owned and operated by Cristina. Formerly Mila’s Aesthetics, it has been a certified Aesthetician Salon for over 25 years at the same location. Cristina worked here for over 17 years and has re-opened the salon under the new name in December 2012. Through continuous training and seminars to update her knowledge, Cristina has worked hard to build the business and create a name for herself within “BloorWest Village” in Toronto for the last 18 years focusing on customer satisfaction.

Cristina Esthetics prides itself on using healthy products that are pure and beneficial for the body. None of our skin care or body care products contain any harmful ingredients such as parabens, animal by-products, artificial fragrances or any other harmful ingredients found in most beauty products.

  • Sterilization for the tools which are constantly ready for use, regardless of how busy the day is.
  • Your visit at Cristina Esthetics salon will always be safe and very clean.
  • All Staff wash their hands and / before starting procedure with all clients, to ensure safety and protection.
  • Pedicure Basins are disinfected with the best products after each use.